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When you've finally decided to put down roots and invest in real estate, you want a home that fits your size, your vision, and is situated in the perfect location. Let me introduce you to Arias #5A San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 37700.

Resting among the high, central mountain plains of Mexico overlooking beautiful San Miguel de Allende, this multi-level home is not only a great investment, it's perfect for a growing a family or turning it into a relaxing bed and breakfast.

Ideal, Tranquil Environment, Perfecto Climate

You'll fall in love with this home because of its beautifully landscaped courtyard, complete with bubbling fountain, towering verandas that highlight the entry ways, and 180 degree view of the mountainside and city below. The large courtyard offers such space that owners can choose to sit in the warm Mexico sun, casually sipping chilled wine with a few close friends; or hold a large gathering of people with lots of laughter and play.

This home is but a 15-minute downhill walk to the central plaza, or a flat walk to the La Luciernaga shopping center, and nearby to all popular local establishments. Because of its location, cooling winds constantly breeze through the quiet, up-scale neighborhood. It is one of the highest villas on the ridge overlooking San Miguel. The temperature difference during the hotter summer months between the lower Centro area and our location can be as much as 10F. degrees cooler. You could say it's perfectly located for everyones comfort!

While the courtyard may ignite your excitement, the gorgeous and spacious inside will ensure you'll never want to leave!

Big in Size and Amenities

When it comes to your home, you want to be able to stretch out, relax, or host parties for all of your friends. Built in the 80s, this plus 6,200 sq. ft. home is solidly constructed inside and out. And because it's surrounded by high walls you need not worry about privacy. San Miguel de Allende is also considered to be on the safest cities in all of Latin America, much safer than most larger America cities.

The current population of San Miguel de Allende is about 175,000 but it is growing rapidly and it is expected that the population will increase by another 100,000. Quality housing near Centro is becoming scarce and more expensive and this casa is very fairly priced. The recently built home next door which is for sale is listed at 1 million U.S.

The inside of the house is amazingly attractive. The tri-level floor plan offers expansive windows that allow light to shine through and give you a feeling of comfort unlike any other. Complete with a wall waterfall, courtyard fountain, five bedrooms (or studio and media room), three master bathrooms plus 3 half baths, and multiple vented fireplaces plus a three or four car garage, this is one home that will offer you more than you ever imagined.

No matter how you choose to use them, each room has enough space to feel comfortable without being overwhelming, and the tall ceilings, air-conditioned rooms, and Mesquite wood shutters are sure to keep you at the right temperature year round.

You'll Be Hard Pressed to Find a Better Fit

Between the sizable living spaces, expansive kitchen, stunning courtyard, perfectly-sized bedrooms, built-in hot tub and bar, and two food service areas, you'll definitely share pleasant times in this home.

Just imagine all the wonderful family gatherings, birthdays, get-togethers, and holidays... All of which make this the perfect home to help you make memories you'll cherish forever.

This is your chance to buy a home in a one-of-a-kind neighborhood, in one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. Contact me to arrange a showing, see contact form below.

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